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Experiencing Regensburg

Hotel Bohemian

Feeling World Heritage,
Enjoying Regensburg

Directly at the heart of Regensburg’s historic city, one of the most beautiful streets is home to Hotel Bohemian. Here you’ll have your finger on the pulse of the city and can experience Regensburg from a special perspective.

Hotel Bohemian
Gesandtenstraße 12
93047 Regensburg

At the Heart of Regensburg’s Historic City

The small and winding roads of Regensburg’s historic city as well as many popular squares are located in close proximity to Hotel Bohemian. Heidplatz square, Bismarckplatz square and Neupfarrplatz square are only a few steps away, just like the river Danube, the stone bridge, the cathedral and the old town hall.

Experience Regensburg